Co-Therapy For Couples


Along with my co-therapist Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen, LMFT, we provide intensive EFT experiences to couples looking to quickly and powerfully break the negative interactions gripping their relationship.

Both being certified EFT Trainers, Lisa and I have been working closely together for over 15 years. We know each other’s style and the EFT process so well that we can anticipate where the other is going and know when to come in and back out. We provide a powerful environment for change.

Working over a 6 hour timeframe broken up into 2 hour session, we are able to focus the therapy on the exact areas needing to be addressed and processed. The collaboration and two sets of eyes both support the couple as well as challenge in ways that help the couple do thing in session that they are unable to do at home. With repetitive, new experiences, a couple will be able to create new neurological pathways that can be accessed in times of need when otherwise, old patterns take over. It’s like helping a couple learn to ride a bike.

We can talk about how to ride a bike until we are blue in the face. It’s not until we actually get them in the seat and their feet on the pedals that one’s brain actually starts to change. We give that couple new experiences…we change their brains.